Title Insurance

Title insurance services at MG Law are provided by Heartland Abstract, Inc., a revolutionary title agency that serves clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Heartland is revolutionary in that its ONLY focus is on the property owner and no one else. The Heartland Abstract policyholder pays only the state mandated fees to the title agency and avoids the unregulated “junk” fees that most other title agencies charge. There is no such thing as a wire fee, document preparation or delivery fee, satisfaction tracking fee, conveyancing fee or any unregulated, non state mandated fee at Heartland Abstract. This saves our policyholders hundreds of dollars when they insure with Heartland, enough to buy themselves a gas grill, power tool, some mini blinds or an expensive celebration dinner after your closing!


The benefits you receive when you choose Heartland Abstract, Inc. include:

The attorneys you need when it matters the most


Heartland offers a full range of title insurance policies, standard and enhanced, with every endorsement to the title policy needed by your lender, all without the unregulated fees many title agencies charge their policyholders. Heartland does not affiliate with real estate agencies, individual realtors, lenders or any referral source. Heartland is here for the property owner and not the referring realtor.

If someone tells you to use to another title agency, tell them you want Heartland Abstract, Inc., the property owner’s champion! You can find us on Facebook or at www.heartlandabstract.com.

Heartland Abstract, Inc.

400 Creekside Dr, Suite 407-409, Pottstown PA 19464

(610) 326-6300