When Should You Make a Will and Testament?

Most people have heard the phrase, “last will and testament”, but do you really know what it means? Are these two different things? Does everyone have to write one? If you have questions like these about getting a will and testament, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find the answers to your […]

This Is the Difference Between a Will and a Trust

Do you have children? Do you own assets? Then protecting your estate after you’re gone is a must. If you don’t legally plan your estate, the courts will have to do it for you. Having your wishes written down in a legal document can spare your loved ones a lot of difficulties and unwanted family friction. […]

Don’t Lose Your Estate: Make a Will

According to Forbes almost 50% of people over the age of 55 do not have a will. Further, only 18% of people over 55 years of age have all the estate planning essentials, including a will, durable power of attorney, and health care directive. Keep reading to learn the importance of a will, whether you can make […]

Inherited a House? Here’s What You Need to Know

Receiving an inheritance is surprisingly common in the US. From 1989 to 2007, nearly 21% of Americans received an inheritance. Yet, there’s no handbook telling you what to do if you’ve inherited a house. And when it comes to legal issues like taxes, you can’t afford not to be in the know. That’s why we’re bringing you […]

7 Things to Consider When Making a Will That You Probably Don’t Know

In 2020, only 32% of people say they have a will or another type of estate planning document. The fact of life is that you never know when it is going to end. It is smart to have a will in place just in case. There’s more to making a will than most people think. To help […]

5 Things You Should Never Include in Your Will [Revealed]

Having a will is important to ensure your last wishes and assets are carried out and distributed. If you’re one of the 42% of Americans that have a will, there are a few things you shouldn’t add. If you have the following items included in your will, then consider making some changes to avoid confusion or redundancy. 1. […]

Will vs. Estate Planning: What’s the Difference?

According to a recent poll, only 44% of American adults have a will. If you are among the 56% that do not have a will, you might want to create one. When you die without a will, you place a court in charge of making your decisions. Do you want to avoid this? If so, you […]

The Ultimate Estate Planning Checklist

Are you trying to begin your estate plan but you’re not sure where to start? Sometimes this can be the hardest part. We’re here to help. Look through our estate planning checklist so that you can make sure all your bases are covered. Answer the following questions to get started on your own estate plan. […]

DIY or DI-Don’t? Why You Shouldn’t Write Your Own Will

There are a lot of interesting trends coming out of the coronavirus pandemic: sourdough baking, crafting, virtual parties, and DIY legal services. While it’s fairly easy to lookup sourdough recipes (even if it’s not so easy to find flour), writing your own will or navigating your own divorce are both a little more complicated. Should you even […]

What You Need to Know About Deed Preparation

Did you know that the most common types of deeds include general warranty deeds, special warranty deeds, quitclaim deeds, and special purpose deeds? To ensure a smooth and successful transfer of ownership, it’s essential to understand the various types of deeds and their specific requirements. You will also need to know how to properly execute the deed and ensure […]