How Much Does an Estate Lawyer Cost?

If you are worried about what will happen to your loved ones when you pass you need to have an estate plan. Estate planning protects your loved ones and makes your passing just a little bit more manageable. To ensure your family is protected and your last wishes are honored you will need an estate […]

Tips From a Real Estate Lawyer: How to Prevent Your Sale From Stalling

Just a few years ago, 5.64 million homes were sold across the U.S. This shows that house sales were at large. When it comes to property sales, you’ll want to ensure that no conflict arises between yourself and the buyer. Strong disagreements can turn into legal disputes and leave you ending up in court. Are you a real […]

5 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

Are you looking to hire a real estate lawyer? Whether you’ve inherited property or you’re looking to solve a property dispute, hiring a real estate lawyer is crucial. If you’re a first-time homebuyer, understanding what to look for in a real estate lawyer can be confusing. When we consider that 33% of purchasers are first-time buyers, it’s easy to see […]

4 Situations That Call for Hiring a Real Estate Attorney

After unprecedented intervention by the U.S. Federal Reserve, the housing market is finally cooling off. Rising interest rates and still-high home prices are behind the slowdown. In January, sales were down 27% in Pennsylvania from the prior year. In December, less than 9,200 homes were sold. However, sales typically decline in the winter months. Home transactions are […]

The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer When Acquiring Property

There are approximately 7,000 real estate lawyers in the United States. Now you may be wondering how a lawyer can help you when you’re purchasing a property. Well, if you’ve ever bought a home, you know how stressful and overwhelming the process can be. Working with a professional can make the experience much easier and less daunting. Hiring a […]

What to Expect When Working With a Real Estate Attorneys

Can you believe that the United States housing market is valued at almost $45 trillion? There’s no denying the potential for significant profit when buying and selling properties. However, it’s crucial to do everything by the book. The last thing you’d want is to get caught in red tape. That’s where a real estate attorney comes in. […]

Questions You Need to Ask Real Estate Lawyers Before Hiring

The primary function of real estate lawyers is to review and prepare all the legal paperwork related to property acquisition. They’re also often present at the closing of the real estate purchasing process. If all goes well, the legal process will function smoothly. All the documents involved will benefit the lawyer’s client and be legal and binding. […]

What Is a Real Estate Lawyer?

Did you know there are over 18 fields of law? You could work as a real estate lawyer if criminal or animal law sounds appealing. But what is a real estate lawyer, you ask? What are these lawyers’ jobs? The term probably sounds self-explanatory – a lawyer dealing with real estate matters. But that explanation doesn’t […]